tc contender accuracy 308, 7mm-08 and . More information. Step 4. 3. 5" groups) using a number of brands of ammo from Wolf to 10X. 30-30 chambered in a Contender is the perfect deer hunting handgun. Accuracy-wise, the T/C delivered a 1. Mechanicals. org 22 Magnum WMR 1:16, Standard Model, Match Grade Barrels. Edited February 14, 2014 by Westwindmike. TC Contender G2 Accuracy Barrels® fit the TC Contender and G2 Contender frames. You won't be disappointed with accuracy or the fun of slow firing these guns. This barrel was a TC 24” SS 7mm08, and to my surprise, had one of the best aligned chamber, neck and throat I have seen in a long time. It's wearing a 14" barrel chambered in that great old classic, the 222 Remington. in a T/C Contender rifle has been the most problematic round I own, the reason being the design of the firing pin mechanisms for switching from center fire to rimfire. These are 24" non-tapered bull barrels finished in factory blue to . The modern Contender is also easier to open, allows for more clearance between the new ergonomic grip and the trigger guard, and allows shooters to cock the hammer, lower it, and re-cock without the need to break the action open again. Thompson Center Arms Contender 22lr 10" Octagon Barrel 22 Lr T/c Tc With Box 11. Made-To-Order Accuracy Barrels for Thompson Center Contender/G2. The action breaks open by pulling rearward on the back of the trigger guard spur. The pistol boasted rifle-like accuracy for handgun hunting, targets, . 22LR. I'm totally new to casting, and just started reloading recently too. These accuracy varmint bullets are made one at a time with precision jackets to exacting standards. Accuracy proved to be very good. Personal defense, most bulls-eye matches, and other contests have no place for the Contender. I like it and found it to be very accurate and easy to carry. 45-70. The G2 Contender is a single-shot handgun. 13. Today’s hunters love the G2 for its increased customizability, hunting accuracy and range in caliber. I was partial to the . barrel. Now the rub and I rest the problem squarely on me - the gun will shoot no better than 9 Ring accuracy as an average (about 1-1. I plan to try some powders that may not be traditionally used in 25 ACP short barrels, with the thinking being that my 15” barrel in the fixed breach Contender would allow a degree of latitude in both burning rates . 445 Super-Magnum cases to get the boolit close to the rifling. in. Ive often thought that a TC Contender would be the nearly ideal "bushcrafty" firearm. This is an overview of the Thompson Center Contender pistol - Generation One. 250 Savage, 6. Nov 01, 2000 · Our shooters considered the accuracy of the Contender to be mediocre. 223, 6 TCU, . In factory TC barrels, my Super 14 223Rem shoots really well, sub 1inch 5 shot groups are the rule. 6. Some I have shot . The 223 is great in the contender. Thompson Center Contender Rifle In 30-30 Winchester Caliber proved to be accurate and give the 30-30 Winchester more power down range with . 5x. Last month, I posted some results shooting my Contender with a scoped 14" 44 mag . I made adjustments to my scope and was right on the bullseye. This makes cleanup a lot easier. 251” I'm pretty sure the accuracy would not be acceptable, and see little point in pursuing that avenue. Jul 20, 2017 · Jul 20, 2017. The Contender fills a specific need in the firearms industry: it is inexpensive, simple, versatile and very accurate. 44-inch aggregate, while the Bullberry turned in a 1. 45 caliber muzzle loader. TC is one of the most accurate pistols you can buy . Dec 22, 2019 · TC is now owned by S&W. The single-shot Contender, G2, Encore and ProHunter are ideal firearms for . When I pick up my T/C Contender Carbine, with the mountain lion engraving on the action . that appears to be the case. T/C hunters measure their year in trophies and food on the table. Bellm T-C's is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the T-C single shots. That kind of accuracy and speed 2018. Blue TC Encore Accuracy Barrels. All are very accurate. 11. 8. Epoxy forend to pillars. After some practice, I was printing three-quarter inch groups with the . 26. Sep 21, 2016 · Freedom Group I believe. The rifle calibers you have mentioned, 30-06, 220Swift, 22-250, are not Contender calibers. 308, and in many instances, the shorter barrels were indeed more accurate -- albeit in good barrels, the differences would be measured in fractions of an inch. Ive often thought that a TC Contender would be the nearly ideal . T/C Contender-Encore Accuracy by Mike Bellm - Specializing in Precision Chamber Work and Co-Ax Throating. Mar 17, 2019 · Thompson Center Contender Rifle In 30-30 Winchester Caliber proved to be accurate and give the 30-30 Winchester more power down range with pointed bullets. 05 inches with Remington 55-grain pointed soft points to 3. My new . T/C Encore. 16. 2017. The contender is . *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Pick up a frame and a 16 inch 357 mag barrel, and set it up as a carbine, especially with the folding . site links to forums where there is a wealth of great info from dedicated Encore / Contender shooters. is currently the only rimfire with a larger case head than the other rimfires and in the T/C the rimfire mechanism is designed around a standard rimfire . 3 contender pistol barrels, 2 rifle barrels, 3 Encore barrels, one of which is my black powder barrel. But I'm hooked. (1) Select Options. 30-30 handloads for a Thompson/Center Contender G1 handgun; one of the first rounds offered by Thompson/Center (T/C) in its revolutionary single-shot pistol that was introduced in 1965. 1. I loaded up some Sierra 53gr FBHP and Hornady 55gr FBSP and the results weren't . These TC Contender and Encore barrels offer some of the best and most precise shooting available. They are very accurate. They're dependable and accurate. I have owned my TC Contender for 13 years and it has produced outstanding accuracy with various barrels. While it is possible to get a good one from Thompson Center, most of the newer ones are made with a very long chamber and a conical "throat. 2. 223 round, giving minute of angle accuracy with a rifle cartridge in . Apr 12, 2018 · I can only speak directly to Contender handgun barrels. It is possible to reload for a very low cost using . Based on 23 years of barrel work, most of it reworking thousands of TC factory barrels, this page deals with basic concepts about various vintages of factory barrels as well as barrel by barrel considerations. In addition to wholesale priced factory accessories, we make custom TC barrels, scope mounts, muzzle brakes, guns stocks, and sight systems. 00. Feb 13, 2014 · With an Encore, almost anything goes. For deer sized game, the Contender can handle the 30-30 and 7-30 Waters, both are factory loadings and plenty of power for anything in the South. The barrels were all below 10 inches in length, were octagonal, and represented the lower end of the power spectrum (. 1996. Only 1 left! Thompson Center Arms T/C Contender G1 G2 . The Thompson/Center Contender Pistol: How To Tune, Time, Load, And Shoot For Accuracy [Stephens, Charles] on Amazon. Arthur Brown Company became involved with, Thompson . I've found accuracy with the 22-250 and 30-06 a grain or two below book max, but will handle most book max listings no problem. The . These are 24" non-tapered bull barrels finished in factory blue to match your frame. Pistol. 005). Mar 31, 2017 · This handgun has great appeal as a handgun that is wringing the greatest accuracy out of a shooter and a cartridge. 410/45 colt if you are wanting accuracy, they ream the chamber to accept the fatter of the two and use a slower twist so the shot shells dont disperse so rapidly. In 1965, Center joined the K. Jun 11, 2013 · the pattern; the Contender's special choke stops that from happening. 223, 6mm-. 44 Remington Magnum 1:16, Standard Model, Match Grade Barrels. My test gun was blued, had a 10 inch barrel, very attractive wood forend and grip with . We are at the. Oct 27, 2020 · I shot metallic silhouette competitions with a TC contender in 7mmTCU and a Ruger SBH in 44mag. 2020. 38 Special, etc. 22 LR to . 30-30 tubed Contender has accounted for two cow elk during special late seasons (at 143 and 156 . In fact all TC barrels using rimmed cases are headspaced at the breech. Mounted a Bushnell Sportview 4-12 AO rifle scope on it for some accuracy testing, using some Hornady 222 50 grain V . Part 1. 18. Jan 04, 2011 · With its interchangeable-barrel capability and a hammer design that allowed both rimfire and centerfire cartridges to be used, the Contender was like nothing anyone had previously seen. 44 Mag. The contender is ment to handle lever action pressures. For a long time I have been collecting Thompson Center handguns. Just purchased a 10" 22 hornet octagonal barrel for my Contender. Accuracy - Even with factory pistol barrels, I can out shoot many of the rifle shooters on the firing line. 95 shipping. 2013. very accurate weapon capable of taking most critters using easily . See full list on en. Made to Order. The contender is a lot weaker frame than the Encore and can only handle stuff like 30-30 based cases, 45-70 is about tops. Bonus time ! The 360 DW fits in the TC factory 357 Magnum no problem, cannot say the same for the MGM 357 Magnum Carbine barrel. Mar 13, 2017 · Check out Mike Belim and MGM barrels before spring for a T/C factory . 22 LR Contender Carbine has always been what comes to mind when I think of my first rimfire. " I shoot cast in mine and needed to find . They were accurate, but not particularly useful beyond the firing line at the local outdoor range. My . #1. 2018. T/C Contender We’ll begin with the gun that, more than any other started the American handgunner’s current love affair with sin­gle-shot pistols. It's a convoluted process but it results in decent patterns. Jan 05, 2018 · TC Contender - 327/32 - thoughts? TC Contender - 327/32 - thoughts? One of my 2018 goals is to shoot more, including my Single Seven and my 32 mag Single Six. We at E. Must reading before buying a barrel or having a barrel reworked. On top of all that, it was affordable, and it proved to be extremely accurate. with initial accuracy using quality factory ammo. May 13, 2016 · The classic T/C Contender single-shot pistol was made from 1967 through 2000 and was chambered for 60 or more different cartridges, ranging from . The . TC Contender/G2 22 WMR Accuracy Barrel by EABCO. These are 24" non-tapered bull barrels finished in factory blue to match . Nov 11, 2019 · A . May 15, 2012 · But, since they are . chambered rifle at 100 . If I can't kill something because the bullet is 1/2" left then I made a bad shot to begin with. Amazon. I took a Contender shooting yesterday and tried to shoot 38 . If I just had to have less than 1" I would look at one of the guys who make custom barrels for them. Use feeler gage to measure the distance from breech to barrel (usually. I have shot many different rimfire rifles over the years, but the Thompson/Center . $394. My dad had a super 14 Contender in 7mmTCU that he would shoot 200 yards. 45 colt will prove very accurate from the contender. I like the idea that it's using the . Oct 26, 2014 · Here's a 1984 vintage Contender with vintage correct wood that I found the other week. Prep the areas for epoxying, first putting 1 layer of tape under pillars and 1 layer of tape inside barrel channel at each pillar, cutting out the tape over the counterbore holes neatly with a sharp knife. I was impressed. of barrel) and will lessen the barrel's accuracy potential due to recoil. My 10inch 22 Hornet (later re-chambered to a K-Hornet) was so-so. the same time-proven long range accuracy, and the same adaptability of . 2009. Thompson Center G2 Accuracy. Pro Hunter. Jan 16, 2019 · SUBSCRIBE. The answer is, of course, none. Thompson Center. Over the years we have loaded plenty of straight case pistol cartridges but have had no experience with loading or reforming necked cartridges. 12. The most accurate load paired the ballistically superior Nosler 140-grain Ballistic Tip with Scot Brigadier 4065 powder in the T/C barrel. 22 LR Match, 12" Blued Barrel, Walnut Grip, . All you have to do to fall in love with a Thompson Center Contender muzzleloader is to pick . Important points to consider regarding Contender barrels. 003, but can be. Apr 06, 2006 · As far as max loads, I've never had a problem finding accuracy in the 7mm08 with max loads. Dec 13, 2018 · The T/CR22 isn’t going to de-throne the 10/22 any time soon, but it’s a very attractive alternative that a lot of gun buyers would do well to look at when it comes time to buy a rimfire semi-auto rifle. Have one with a 375 JDJ, 14" barrel, 35 Rem, 14" barrel, and 44 Mag, 12"barrel. The old Contenders and G2s are very well made though. Sep 06, 2020 · Every Contender or Encore is a wildcat and you need to fit the case to each frame and barrel. May 18, 2015 · 22 Hornet - TC Contender. Remove extractor, drop case into chamber and measure the amount the case sticks out of barrel. Manufactured by E. 22 Jet, . Caliber: . Aug 27, 2021 · The G2 Contender not only allows for interchangeable barrels, but also has an adjustable trigger as well. My 10" 22lr "match" barrels actually . I “adopted” this gun from my dad for my first silhouette matches. 223 Rem case and a 7mm bullet. A 14" barrel is a good choice, it is also the length used in the M4. The chamber is overly long for the . It looks like this round could have a pretty wide application range for hunting, even though I've read that it bloomed from the needs of the silhouette shooters. Although they cost more than some hunting revolvers, the flexibility of being able to shoot multiple calibers by simply changing the barrel and sights and its higher accuracy made it popular with handgun hunters. Three-shot average groups at 100 yards measured from 2. Quick View. $399. May 08, 2009 · Of the 20 or 30 T/C barrels I've had, all except one have been factory barrels and all were good except a couple that had to be fixed. 1320 and the G2 Contender® Pistol . Center's design was a relatively simple break-open. For law enforcement purposes the WA 2000 was not likely to be used . W. bullets, respectively. » Product details. 2014. I've got a 10" 223 barrel with will out shoot any 16" AR-15 out there (as long as you shoot light bullets). Nov 09, 2019 · When it first debuted in 1967, the Thompson Center Contender was mostly a curiosity. The choke is removed to shoot . In 1967, Thompson/Center offered the first Contender: a single-shot . The 22 Hornet is a great small varminting centerfire cartridge. 2016. ). Contender handguns, especially in heavy barrel configuration, are often spectacularly accurate, and I've been extremely satisfied with accuracy . Bones, I'm not sure if you're referring to the Encore or Contender, but I have four barrels for my Contender and all of them have shown very . 45 Colt cartridge, of course, resulting in a long freebore jump to the rifling, which is not the best setup for accuracy. I had previously read that it may not stabilize bullets heavier than 50 grains, and well. 62 - another tie. 45's. My Super 14 30-30 with a brake shot 1inch to 1. 001 -. T/C quality has suffered greatly since then. Being a pistol hunter, I am always on the lookout for anything that will allow me to increase my range as well as my accuracy. The T/C Encore Pro Hunter platform gives you the most accurate shot for any game, year-round. 00 inches with Federal Gold Medal 69-grain boat-tail hollow points. They are almost as accurate as a rifle and only a little more . Removing the fore-end reveals a large hinge pin. Arthur Brown Company with special attention to detail, precision, and the materials necessary to enhance accuracy. Dec 26, 2009 · Over the years, I've has a number of pistols and rifles set up in the same calibers, amongst them the . Took a little time to shoot it, today, along with the 44 mag. The author's pistol was made in 1992 and wears a set of Herrett stocks. When you're an every-season hunter, you deserve a gun built to keep up. In this series, we will investigate . The Thompson/Center Contender has been produced in myriads of calibers over the past three decades. I have a TC factory 10" 357 Magnum. Shipping: $15. among handgun hunters who want accuracy and excellent craftsmanship. $18. $344. 45 Winchester Magnum 10 . Forend ready to bed. in - Buy The Thompson/Center Contender Pistol: How to Tune, Time, Load, and Shoot for Accuracy book online at best prices in India on Amazon. 10. TC Contender/G2 Accuracy Barrel 17 Hornet 24" Blue 1:9 Twist. T/C Contender-Encore Accuracy by Mike Bellm - Specializing in Precision Chamber Work and Co-Ax Throating Specializing in Precision Chamber Work and Co-Ax Throating for top accuracy Visit Mike Bellm online Mike Bellm is a gunsmith specializing in Thompson/Center Firearms precision throats, re-chambering and customizing Apr 02, 2013 · I have a T/C Contender with a 22LR Match bull barrel and have added a 3" flat forearm for shooting it off the bags. 30-30 Win. This old, long eye relief Thompson Center scope is collectable but also works well. In studying the velocity results, keep in mind that the published factory velocities (for “standard” loads from a 24-in barrel) are 2390 fps and 2200 fps for the 150-gr. And something else — the break-action Thompson Center Contender pistol came about, . 5. The cartridge has been getting the job done since 1895, mostly in handy, fast-handling carbine lever rifles. I've got a couple of older ones with various barrels. The effective range is quoted as 700 meters. I have three barrels for the Contender, 7mmTCU, 44mag both 10" and a Conic Arms 14" . 17. We have recently started loading 30 cal Herrett for a TC Super 14 Contender and have been amazed at the accuracy of the Herrett loads. Yet to be seen if good or not. 5 inch 3 shot groups at 100 yards with both my 223 Remington Encore rifle barrel and with my 223 AI Contender . by StandingTall » Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:39 pm. 4. Barrel Length: 17 inches. . In general, the high end barrels . 23. com. The versatility!!! Mine is just a frame at the moment, but it has been in a few different configurations ant taken 2 hogs and a whitetail. If we load it properly, keep shots under 150 yards, 100 would be better, it will serve us well. 410 like other shotty cases are all headspaced at the breech. Do not get the . Post. For the T-C Contender, a slightly different animal, I combined the velocity and accuracy results in Table 2. Thompson Tool company in a collaboration that would eventually become Thompson/Center Arms. 22. 20. The T/C Contender has come along way since being introduced five decades ago. Oct 01, 2020 · Our Thompson Center Contender’s are top of the line, machined perfectly to give you one of the straightest shooting barrels on the market. The 5mm Rem. 22 LR, . Every TC 22 I've fooled with was a whole lot more accurate than the . wikipedia. For Thompson/Center hunters, seasons have little to do with the weather. 2002. Both great guns. TC Contender/G2 35 Remington Accuracy Barrel by EABCO. 30-30 is a handgun and a darn accurate one at that. Buried beneath the surface, is a fantastic trigger and excellent accuracy potential. and 170-gr. . The trigger job we do on the Thompson Center Encore and Pro hunter actions is a great accuracy booster. 2021. 2007. Get the best deals on TC Contender Barrels when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Oct 27, 2011 · The 5mm Rem. Thompson Center Arms is a specialty for us. Mar 17, 2014 · Just did a little research on the 7mm TCU, and got interested in it for hunting with my Thompson Center Contender. As far as accuracy is concerned, I get about 0. My dad has my 45-70 barrel (lives in Idaho). I just purchased a Thompson Contender (older model) and would like . Out of Stock - Backorder OK. And they will match accuracy shot for shot with the best mass production fixed barrel rifles, too. Recently, I bought some Starline 360 DW brass and reloaded some ammunition. I've recently ordered the Miha 100 g, 115 gr, and 135 gr molds. It is a superbly accurate handgun for hunting. As far as accuracy, nearly all guns have quite acceptable accuracy. T/C is a great pistol. The ones that were fixed shot well after the fix. Couple that with the ability to easily address flaws, accurize the system, the more economical T/C shooting system is an excellent foundation to make better through a very simple and economical set of procedures, and BELLM TCs is the company to help you. And here at MGM we offer the best variations, with the most customization on the market. And in return for that love, T/C has made numerous improve­ments over the years in response to field inputs. Thompson Tool Company and they introduced this design as the Thompson-Center Contender in 1967. The G2 Contender series may . 5 inch 3 shot groups pretty regular. 2019. 224 caliber projectiles and very fast pow. 7. Aug 17, 2018 · In the 1960s, Warren Center developed the switch-barrel Contender handgun, later teaming up with the K. The only shoulder reference head spaced spaced barrels are rimless cases hence a need for the cartridges to be fire formed for decent accuracy. Specifications: Thompson/Center T/CR22 Rimfire Rifle. tc contender accuracy